Saturday, October 6, 2007

sabtu @ 24 ramadhan 1428hijrah

It is heavyly raining outside now at my house in Ampang.
My dear continue his sleep---biasalah hujan+cuti+fasting day = the best thing to do is tidoq---My loves si kenit...he doesn't want to sleep with his father. Right now he sitting on my thigh quietly starring at the computer. He loves to see me typing the keyboard. Maybe sikenit ni loves to hear the tap tap tap sound from the keyboard...hehehe

erm im still thinking what is our menu for the berbuka today..maybe i want to cook---daging goreng kunyit with kacang panjang..tuna sandwish gulung with roti---pastu celup ngan telor dan goreng dgn minyak sikit....maybe..

Me and my loves slept almost 2 am this morning but not my usual after tolong kemas2 all the things we have bought..his back to his computer and i don't know until what time he's there..Sedar2 da di kejut kan at 4 am utk bsahur. erm...rasanyer dr blk shopping td cik abang ni x tido...My beloved dear da masakkan nasi and ayam goreng..loves u so much sayang..tq

Last night...
haziq becoming 4 months old next week---masih baby lagi--but his parent so anxious to buy a shoes for him...we bought a lovely orange in color pant for haziq and 2 t.shirts for his outfit for becoming hariraya.not forget his small brown in color shoes..infant shoes---size one--from disney pooh..haziq's cuties foots...hehehe...---my mom always said haziq's foots is likes new baby born foots----merah jea colornyer..ialah haziq totally copy from my dear<-----everybody who have seen haziq..mesti cakp haziq cap bapak habis---so kulit nyer pun sama lah cam papanyer---putih +++merah2 gitu..

barang2 kat area pasar mlm for ramadhan at masjid india mmg x banyak...kuih raya pun x menarik jea.. kerepek2 pun cam x de dear nak cari seluar jean....pun x de...kebanyakan stall for seluar jeans open at 10 pm gitu..sebbnyer lah byk sgt DBKL officer sana sini..sebab tu barang jualan kurang...semua nyer sbab diaorang!!!...last2 setelah penat berjalan before masuk SOGO, we bought nice green color kain pelikat for my beloved father..i never fail to buy my father new kain pelikat for him every year for hari raya..

perot masa tu da lapaq sgt..kami pi mkn kat NAM KAU @ NAM KAM..alah lupa pulak namanyer..location kt kg bharu..dulu msa bercinta+da kawin+pregnant time selalu makan kat situ..pernah gak dpt bawk my mom makan kat situ sekali..makan kt situ idak lah besh..tapi kira ok lah klu nak ordernyer ialah NASI KAPAU<-----nasi putih+telo goreng mata+daging cincang goreng kapau (payah eh nak explain camana rasa daging tu--but i loves it)

ngantuknyer lepas makan...heheh..jam da 12 dear masih nak pi cari seluar last choice pi chow kit.. alahamdulilah semua yg kami cari dear dpt seluar jean nyer..i bought kerepek2 for hari raya..and some sweets for children klu dtg beraya kt umah dikg nanti..erm..every ramadhan starting kerja kat kl will always be a 'runner' for my family for searching,buying and ordering kuih sister and my younger brother will give me the modal..and i will done it for them....

sampai umah that dear sakit pinggang<-----slinging haziq all the shopping times...cian abang...alhamdulilah my dear saiz besar...klu kecik saper lah nak slinging kan haziq....but it is ok because we already have the things we must bought as planned....

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