Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 months old

alhamdulilah..hari ini my love turned to 3 months.ptg td pun dah selamat jab for 3 months immunisation.tapi picture tu masa umur my love 2 bulan lebih.tu pic my love with his beloved cousin which is 4 months older than him.

in babycare magazine (issue no.5) ---->3 months baby girls will weight on average between 4-6.5kg, and boys 4.5-7.5kg...alhamdulilah my love weight is 6 kg...

++++more from the magazine--->your little one's growing and getting stronger by the day.with plenty of time spent lying on her tummy, he'll begin to be able to lift up his head up (<-----ini mmg betul my love dah pandai angkat kepala..selalu nyer my love pratice sendiri kat katil dia.tapi masa tu umur my love beberapa hari before 3 months old..).he'll enjoy watching moving objects and will follow a toy with his eyes if you move it slowly in an arc shape above his face(my love mmg suka sgt stare kat colour objects).all babies love to looking at faces and, by now, he'll even be able to recognise those most familiar to'll probably get the pleasure of a gummy smile when you walk into the room.

hehehe...then what actually happent to the mother... +++more from the magazine--->you'll probably be in a routine by now and adjusting to your new life, but don't feel you have to be supermum.keep accepting any offers of help from friends and family and try to get out and abouts as much as possible.

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