Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is he ready to wean by baby care magazine issue 5

How old is your baby?
a-under 4 months
b-4 to 6 months
c-six months or over

After a big breastfeed of bottle, how does your baby react?
a-he seems absolutely stuffed and needs a long sleep
b-he's satisfied, but is hungry again before long
c-he still seems ravenous-i can't get enough milk into him

Can your baby sit up yet?
a-no way! he flops straight back down again
b-yes, but he's a bit wobbly and needs propping up
c-he's been sitting confidently by himself for a ages

What are your little one's sleep patterns like?
a-he's sleeping well, at last, and has stopped walking for a feed
b-unpredictable - sometimes he sleeps through, sometimes he's restless
c-awful - he used to sleep through, but he's started walking again

How much does he weight now?
a-he's only about 1 or 2 kg heavier than when he was born
b-he's almost twice his birthweight
c-he's doubled his birthweight and is still gaining steadily

What does he do when you're eating a meal?
a-not a lot-he doesn't even notice
b-he watched and seems quite interested, but it depends on his mood
he's fascinated - he starts making chewing motions and even tries himself from my plate

How did you do?
Mostly as-your baby isn't quite ready fro weaning yet.he's obviously still satisfied with his milk feeds, and hasn't grown enough physically to tackle solids.weaning too soon could health problems, so be patient - he'll get there soon enough.

Mostly bs-your baby is showing some signs of being ready for solids.if he's over 4 months old, you may want to give it a go, but beware that it's early days and his first meal might not go down too well.ask your paediatrician or GP for advice if you want to start weaning at this stage, but be prepared to wait a few weeks if your early attempts fail.

Mostly cs-he's ready to go!walking at night, being hungry even after a big feed and taking an interest in your food are all signs that he's ready to try's especially important if he's over 6 months old, as the stores of iron he was born with will start to run out, and alone won't meet his nutritional needs.

starting yesterday i started feeding my love with formula + (cereal+soya)..naper bg my love minum susu formula++++...because it is not enough to feed my love with formula only...cereal+soya tu dlm bentuk tepung gak..adding only 1/4 from the scoop...for the 1st day my love look fine...kirenyer kenyanglah..
tapi masuk hari kedua my dear mmg dah tak bg tambahkan cereal+soya tu...naper...i dont know...
tp sebenarnyer kecian gak kat my love tu..dier kecik lagi..his digestive system is not able to cope with complex foods...when feeding him selain dari susu formula...takut ia leh merosakkan organ dalamannyer...
tp brother MIL yg suggested utk add cereal+soya if the baby asyik crying lapar and x nak tido...that what she always did to her grandchildrens...for myself...depend on the baby himself...actually it's adviseable not to start weaning earlier than 4 months...
weaning too earlier will also increase the risk of allergies later in life...but it's not advisable to start later than 6 months, because milk alone will not longer provide enough nutrients.

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