Sunday, September 16, 2007


style magazine tu last year nyer...beli kat s'pore...beli majalah tu dapat free tull...
cloe magazine tu september 2007 nyer...mmg x rugi beli because there is a lot of info about beauty peek+fashions+new make up+price list sekali..

magazine eh! ...variouses info about fashion and handbag...all the things i wants to know about women world and stuff are in there...uhhhh....actually at that moment I'm searching for a newly not the kind of fashion maniac person...that why i really dunno what is happenings in handbag's world and that also why i have to find somethings to guide me...ushh...majalah mingguan wanita tu saja je beli wat tambah2 info dalam menjalani hidup berumahtangga<-----cewahh

baby care magazine...banyak info boleh dapat dalam majalah nie..selalunyer my beloved sister bought the magazine for me..she loves to read about parenthood,mother and baby,new klu pi umah my sister mmg pinjam je majalah2 tu..mmg tak minat baca majalah pa n ma..asik2 ulang cerita yang sama jea<---sowy ek karangkraf ..tapi bukan ke teguran itu satu pembinaan untuk lebih berjaya<----iyea kea

why we must must and must buy malaysian english magazine..TRUELY there is a lot of info about Malaysian lifestyle+fashion ext..furthermore you and me can improve our englishmalaysian into correct english path...of cource lah...magazines+books always are a good teacher when there a time when no one wants to guide us anymore about our vocabulary ext..(especially after you left your high school)

p/s my sister always complain about Malaysian graduate---like me---we can't speak confidently in english WHILE talking...ahhhhh..malu sehhh....that why we must keep on study and study even though we are now not in 'school' anymore...MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!

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