Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bedtime, weight and food

Last week Haziq doing his routine medical check up for 8 months old baby.Alhamdulilah his health is in good condition but he did not put enough with his weight which is only 7.7 kg.The weight plus only 0.2 kg from his previous weight 7.5 kg when he was in 6 months old.Pity Haziq...he is now so fussy with his food and he never want to eat any baby instant foods anymore.He only eat and drink plain rice,bread, formula and ribena...but sometime myself and En Hendra try to give him small amount of cake, orange and other new food and we still keep trying...

Alhamdulilah too...Haziq sleep patterns suddenly charge when his age became 8 months.From 1.30 am before charge early to 11.30 pm. Haziq also have total sleep a day around 13 hours which is 5 total napping hours in the morning and afternoon.And the rest is nightime sleep.But Haziq still will wake up once at night for formula feeding.

Haziq at Ulu Serting Waterfall on the day he turn to 8 months old.


Anonymous said...

comeinyer haziq...dun worry so much as long as he is gaining a lil weight will juz be fine..n most importantly he is healthy :)

haslina said... distance friends...jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati selalu :x


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