Monday, June 23, 2008

June 2008 semester begin today..

Kelas da start da hari ini. Startlah aku akan bz bz and bz. Student aku semester nie quite ramai gak. SOIL MECHANIC and STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS both are two seksyen. Meaning one class will be more than 40 students. praying and hoping i will not tension this semester..amin.Tu belum lagi dengan student laboratory lagi. Maybe almost hundred of them. Erm..right now im still updating my lecture notes..last minutes update..HAHAH..actually im always update my lecture notes...bukan aper..for calculation subjects it must have variety of example, question and also solution. So that is what im doing right now..updating...


Ceera said...

jangan stress2 no.. =P

haslina said...

tu lah...baru 1st day semester da cam tension jea..
ya allah tenang dan permudahkan perjalanan kerja aku..amin


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