Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lenovo XP 7 STYLE

Windows for this week is :- Lenovo XP 7 STYLE SATA is the most beautiful and modern Windows XP like exactly Windows 7, it based on original copy of XP SP3 ,include Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 8 and SATA Drivers.
The system has been modified in a professional manner combined the high performance and the wonderful appearance more beautiful from Windows 7, you will feel that you already work in Windows 7 .. Lenovo XP 7 STYLE has more power because it has been updated completely with the latest updates and security hotfixes till November 2009 addition to the last version of DirectX So it become very stable, fast, and safe when the normal work or browsing of the internet will be faster and safe from hacker attacks, viruses, When playing the games will be speed, stable and high graphics .. The system has full components, everything are staying ( Services, Drivers, Languages .. ect ) Nothing Removed .
Lenovo XP 7 STYLE SATA full compatible to work with any PC Laptop or Desktop .

ini adalah platform windows yg tengah guna kt rumah....

p/s : more new windows info (coming soon) stay tuned...

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