Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nuffnang Sharing Session

Gosh so sorry to everybody and Nuffnang too for my very the late making entry for this small knowledgeable enjoy lovely event.
As mention early I'm selected to join the Nuffnang Sharing Session at Pak Li Kopitiam, Setapak Outlet.
An active blogger Eyriqazz @ Iman was invited to shared his experienced and tips about bloger world. Even though I'm not really reading his blog but I think if he is invited by Nuffnang, I bet he is good. And I cannot wait my self to meet him personally and to hear from himself about how his blog is sooo damn popular even though he said he also new in this blogging world.
What is his secrets of success.
Yup..he shared it with us that night.

Because I'm still not feeling well that night, my chair is quite far from him. As a result I cannot heard well what he said that time.
What I still remember and heard that BLOGWALKING is still a good step to introduce your blog to a new blogger friend.  
Then please do not just comment a simple word 'hai' or 'nice blog' or other short sentences and words. For a good start you can write a very strong, sincere and related comment about the entry.
Other don't forget to link and to be the follower of the blog that you always visit and like.
If you have more free time try to read other famous blogger blog in trying to learn why their blog are famous. Why they have a very high unique visitors.
Please do not write an entry to humiliate other blogger. That is not a good start to have more friend in this blogger world.
Ermm...Actually I'm doing this thing before..copying entry from Yahoo, Utusan online and other online. In the first place I just want to share what I read with other people. Then I know...that is not a appropriate step to done an entry. And Nuffnang also dont like that type of entry.
What you can do..try to comment the article that you like by your own word. In that way you still can share the story with other people. That is much better. Because blogging is something truely from your heart, not just copy and paste from other.
The advantage of your good action, other blogger who read your comment maybe like to know who are you, in the end maybe they will come to your blog.  
That are what I heard from Mr Eyriqazz.
Really like his down to earth even though he is a POPULAR BLOGGER.
Correct me if I'm wrong. Really appreciate for your tips and information.

After that it is a time for Mr Robb to shared a very very top secret for blogger from Nuffnang...hehehehe. This time also I not heard most of what he said.
1. Nuffnang remind blogger to put those 3 Ad units in the correct place.
Header (leaderboard)
Sidebar (skysraper)
Between content (large rectangle)

2. If there is a contest, the winner will be selected by the organizer NOT NUFFNANG. Please understand about that statement.
From Mr Robb information, like the Sharing Session event, there is around 40 - 42 blogger who sending email trying their luck. But as stated only 20 will receive the invitation. Do you know how Nuffnang @ Mr Robb done the selection. He picked the email address RANDOMLY. 
So please do not send email angry to him if your name not selected....ok.

3. Do not click and click and click your own Ad at your blog.

4. Do not put other Ad from other community because Nuffnang will take your privilege as a Nuffnanger.  
Please be loyal to Nuffnang.

5. Update your EDIT SURVEY in order the advertiser to select your blog to advertise their campaign from what you answers you write in  the profile survey.
Remember again, advertiser who select your blog...not NUFFNANG.
Nuffnang just a middle person.

6. Mr Robb also explained about the 5 stars at  analytics page. But I not hear it completely but you can read more about it at analytics page.

From what I saw, Mr Robb is really sincere in explaining everything about Nuffnang. And he is a nice person too.
He advise blogger to write/blogging sincerely, not because of money.
Thank you so much Nuffnang for invited me that night.

And for all blogger who are there that night I really glad to know you all. Really looking forward to see you all again.
Even though time early stated the session time frame is from 7pm - 9pm....but in the end the drag until almost 11 There is so much to share.

This is their link who is coming that night. I'm done link back their link and done being their follower.
Feel free to share more information about sharing session and tips from Mr Eyriqazz at their blog.
Miss u all.

anybody left? correct me please

The place that we meet

Tuna Sandwish

Mr Shahril the manager and Mr Robb

Mr Zaid, Kak InaKL and Kenny

Hilal and Mr Eyriqazz 

Mine - Laksa Katong...spicy. I luv it

Mr Robb telling the secret

All that coming


mahira oya said...

wow pegi eh..best2..

haslina said...

mmg best..naper mahira x pg?

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

nice to have opportunity to get an expert to talk about blogging.

WENDY said...

I love their advices, very very helpful to bloggers like us!

So awesome to have such a sharing session held by Nuffnang, hope SG holds one too! (:

And lucky you to be able to attend! :D

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hai...congrats ya,u managed to finish ur post despite being busy...btw, you reali remember what they said on that day.nth is missed i guess.i would refer to your blog to remind me about the tips.hehe^^


jfook said...

Wow thanks for your secrets yeah..

kak ina kl said...

alamak omputihlah...puas nak fikir dalam bm..

haslina said...

meor - mmg pun...mendapat ilmu yg bermakna sekali..

wendy - yup...for a new blogger it is a good start in having a good hit to the blog...

kenny - u r welcome...hehehehe...actually it taking me almost 2 or 3 hours to write up about the tired after that...

jfook - hehehe sharing is caring...

kak inakl - his akak nie...biasa2 je tu....

maidatul said...

syokkknyer akak dapat jumpa org yg berpengalaman...mesti bestkan...

haslina said...

mmg pun akma...rasa bertuah sebab dpt ilmu untuk digunakan dlm berblogging ini....


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