Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday story da...

Haslina Mohamed sometime people think that they are VERY GOOD and MUCH BETTER than anyone else around her/him..after that they will look down to whatever other people trying to do to improved their life to a better stage...and deep down in my heart I just hate that type of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it make me really really want to improve my life much higher than him/her... 

Yesterday at 1:51am · 
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    • Azura Yunos hey...good for you gal... keep it up. just remember when u r at the top, dont ever be like those who looked down at people..
      Yesterday at 8:32am ·

    • Haslina Mohamed azura - insyallah...mmg itu yg aku harapkan..semoga aku tidak tergolong dlm golongan org2 yang lupa...amin
      23 hours ago ·
    • Norzita Yunus i'm with u ;)
      14 hours ago ·

    • Haslina Mohamed cik esah - itulah kan...habis lepaskan geram..baru rasa legaaa...
      jojie, airis & zita - tqqq
      13 hours ago


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