Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ANTOO FIGHTER da movie - support malaysian product...

Malam isnin yg telah lepas, aku, Muhammad dan En Hendra menonton movie ANTOO FIGHTER.

"i die today. u die tommorow. never to late to die" <----- ni skrip Harun Salim Bachik dalam movie tu yg berlakon as Atok pada Radhi OAG. Movie ni mmg best bg aku lah..ialah movie ala2 macam mmg version MALAYSIA..tabik spring pada pengarah citer nie. Adegan lawan melawan between Awie vs Radhi OAG mmg real...x de lah nampak macam seplastic jea.. Mari lah kita sesama menyokong product malaysia. A group of ghastly creatures from the past led by Drakulat Van Listerooy (Awie) returns to free one of Satan's spawn - Lord Sharon. Drakulat and his ghosts terrorise Kuala Lumpur in search of the chosen one, a girl named Delyla who represents a bloodline extraordinary powers, making her the perfect sacrificial victim for Lord Sharon's freedom. It is now up to a top-secret group called Antoo Fighters to protect the world from evil and to save Kuala Lumpur!

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