Thursday, July 3, 2008

im early today..wehhh

Hari ini aku datang awal. Awal dari sepatutnya 8.15 am. Aku punch 7.45 am. Actually i have a class this morning. My 1st class for structure waiting and waiting. There are no student at all. Luckyly my class is near my office. While waiting im still can surfing internet. hhahahahah. Maybe because the class starting at 8 am until 11 am...maybe because of one want to choose this time of class. There are another class for this subject on tuesday starting at 2 pm until 5 pm. And maybe majority of the student is selecting that time. But..the total of student for this subject is more than 50 students and they cannot select the tuesday class only. And of cource i will not let myself teaching about 70 students in one class which is fit for 40 students..i will not..
So i have to wait until next week to see all of them.


Our Dreams Of Life said...

isk..isk...sabar jela

haslina said...

tu lah pasal kak...sabar jea saya nie..


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