Sunday, June 13, 2010

Argentina again.hehehe

Current wall paper at home. Luv the light blue color. Luv the team too..maybe for me

Gabriel Heinze scores a goal (1-0) make the 1st win for Argentina. Love the match and Nigeria's team also give a good match that night.

Lionel Messi which said a player from heaven..ermmm. Yes he is fast so fast but no body is perfect in this world.


mamalieyna said...

amboi kaki bola betoi ni ye..hehe,,eina tak reti nak layan sgt2..kalo tertengok tu..tengok jer ler..hehe..

psst..lawa rumah baru ni..sweet ^_^

julie^beth said...

saya tetap england dihatiku!

El-Zaffril said...

Tetap italy ye


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