Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Online Shopping, Business Of The Future

Nowadays doing business on the Internet is no longer a novelty in Malaysia. Online business is becoming increasingly popular because of the effectiveness of the Internet as a medium of communication and marketing.
Furthermore, the increase in the number of Internet users in the country is a milestone that encouraged many entrepreneurs to conduct their business online.

For 30-year-old Internet entrepreneur Mohd Suhaimy Bakar, better known as Shuth among friends, doing business on the Internet is the way forward.
"The largest bookstore in the world is neither in the US, China nor Japan. It is online at, just as eBay is now the world's largest department store. It is not a farfetched notion that in the future, people would prefer to shop online rather than go to the department store," Suhaimy said to Bernama.

Going into business was never on Suhaimy's 'to-do' list when he was young.
He developed a keen interest in doing business only after he started working as an IT executive in the multi-media division of a government-linked company (GLC).

The regimented work schedule and limited prospect as a wage earner made him long for the relative freedom of being his own boss, and able to pursue his dream to attain the financial freedom that comes with success.
He became acutely aware of the challenges and rewards that await those who are successful in the business arena as compared with just being a salaried worker.

Suhaimy quit his job, and started his foray into the world of business.
"I realised that the only way I could achieve my ambition and be financially independent is to start my own business," Suhaimy said.
According to Suhaimy, studies have indicated that those who run their own businesses live a more fulfilled live than those of their salaried counterparts. Positive attitude and be willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes with carrying out the business.

Currently Suhaimy has several online businesses which offer services such as webhosting, publishing and eBook production.

Since starting his online business, Suhaimy who is a BSc graduate in Science and IT from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has not faced any major hurdle or setback thus far, except for some dismissible criticism when he first launched his eBook in 2005.

"I received an email and an anonymous phone call berating and accusing me of being a fraudster for selling an eBook on the Internet," Suhaimy said.
He felt dejected at first, but when orders started to pour in, Suhaimy became convinced that he was on the right track.

"The world has become more advanced and we are now in the age of information and technology. I told myself that I was not offering an empty file but knowledge and information instead.
"Information has become an important and tradable commodity in the new millennium," he explained.

Words of encouragement were hard to come by when he first started out into business. But warm praises and commendations began trickling in from friends and relatives after his eBook became popular.

A friend's description of the joy, knowledge, and success in blogging, inspired Suhaimy to write about the money-making opportunities to be had on the Internet. His eBook titled 'Rahsia Blogger' (The Blogger's Secret) eventually became a Best Seller.
Suhaimy hoped that after reading his book, readers would take advantage of the opportunities that await them in cyberspace.

"Ever since I started this business, I do my work at home hence I get to spend quality time with my family every day. Seeing my children grow up in front of my own eyes is the biggest achievement that gives me the most satisfaction," Suhaimy elaborated with pride.

On plans for the immediate future, Suhaimy indicated that he will relocate his home-based one-man operation into a proper business premise and employ some workers to help him run the operation.

The Generation Y in this millennium grew up using online community portals like Facebook and MySpace to interact, socialise, and play games to entertain themselves on the Internet.

According to Suhaimy, if they develop an interest for it and are aware of the opportunities that await them in doing business on the Internet, there is a strong probability that today's youngsters can make it big in the online business.
They should know how to take advantage of technology and utilise these to their advantage.

"Some of the advantages of doing business on the Internet include needing only a small start-up capital, access to a more extensive market, and operating non-stop without incurring additional overheads.
"If today's youngsters know how to do business, operate a computer, and make maximum use of the Internet, they can become successful Internet entrepreneurs," he said.

Suhaimy's parting words to aspiring entrepreneurs:
"Passive learning will not get you far. Learn the theories and then apply them to practical use.

"On the other hand do not make hasty decisions without weighing the pros and cons first, least you make the wrong move. It's best that you study your market before taking any action."
By Nor Diana Othman


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