Sunday, June 6, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3.

 Toy Story 3 Green Bag - RM 3.99

Buzz Lightyear - RM45.90

The Buzz Lightyear again with the yellow car

Buzz Lightyear the guardian for Haziq's medicine

It`s  almost 2 days Haziq is not feeling well. He looked pale and so tired. He sleeping almost all the times. In the end yesterday me and my husband brought Haziq to Idzham's clinic near our house.

Alhamdulilah he is fine but Doctor still giving some medicine for his coughing, mild fever and mild flu.

After that, as I already thinking and planning, I want to surprise Haziq with his 1st Buzz Lightyear toy. It is actually for his advance 3 years old birthday present on this becoming 15 of June. Because Haziq is not feeling well, I really hope that Buzz Lightyear can light and cheer his day which is also his favorite ever cartoon that he watched it over and over again the Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 everyday at home.
I also bought Toy Story 3 green club card bag to support no plastic bag day. Because it is so cute with the reddish color and all Toy Story cartoon lovely.

The hero who`s really can`t wait to see THE TOY STORY 3 movie at cinema


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