Saturday, June 19, 2010

Education Fair Mid Valley - 19 June report

Just a little bit update about my personal view on the fair. For those who is planning to go there by commuter train, It is a good idea. But before that you have to face the crowds in the commuter itself. For me which is have to skipped 2 trains because it is already compacted while passing through the Salak Selatan station. I have to waited almost an hour just to get a non crowded train. But I'm wrong, because KTM only have SARDIN train for that day.
And we safely arrived at Mid Valley station within 6 minutes journey.
And the crowds didn't end at that is continue when the time I'm waiting my train to go home at 6pm.
The roads also jamming with the cars at that time.

For those who really want to find a suitable place to continue their study. That is the right fair/place to go. It has KDU, TAYLOR, KLIUC, INTI, OPEN UNIV, MAHSA and a lot more.
The fair will end 20 June 2010 - Sunday at 5 pm.


TOLANIC said...

Our public transport especially KTM Komuter is very poor and super crowded!

haslina said... agree with u..


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