Thursday, June 3, 2010

Munch, Review and Win with Rice Crisps by Mister Potato'm so amuse when I found out that my favorite ever after Mister Potato already lunching their new crunchy Rice Crisps. Actually I'm a big fan of Mister Potato compare to the other potato product.
But to buy this thing I only can find it at Guardian nearby my place and the price is RM4.70. 

I just love Flamed Grilled BBQ flavour which for me just so alike that I'm eating grilled chicken at the same time it.

The 1'st bite of Original flavour just remain me like I'm eating rice. It just have a same taste

Another best part about this new product is they DO have 20% less fat than conventional fried potato chips. Cholesterol and adhere trans fat free. No added MSG and also no artificial colouring.
Thank God, I don’t have to worry ever about to be looking like a balloons after I'm happily eating bundle of it...he he he.

This time the Rice Crisps have four (4) marvelous flavours. Hot & Spicy, Original, Flamed Grilled BBQ and Sour Cream so yummy.
Mister Potato products had also garnered awards such as the “High Commended Product” by Malaysia Institute of Food Industry (MIFT) and a silver medal in the 2007 Malaysia Media Award. All Mister Potato products are also certified Halal.
So we don't have to doubt about the product quality.

The perfect composition of rice and potatoes make Rice Crisps by Mister Potato is an incredibly delicious snack packed with the rich wholesome goodness of rice and balanced by the integrity and texture of potatoes.
Also it not added any MSG and 20% less fat than chips.
Every time I'm eating it, I feel the torrent of flavour burrowing deep into my taste-buds.

For information, these chips are cooked to perfection in vegetable oil at 185 degree Celsius. It contain no animal fats and hydrogenated oil are use during cooked.
After that the chips are cooled down to 45 degree Celsius or below to prevent the unwanted odours forming after the chips are packed. The packed is in a protective atmosphere. a result for those who want to keep their diet..don't worry be happy. You can still eat this lovely product anytime everywhere but you still keep your slim under control. Because it like you eating rice but actually you are eating Rice Crisps by Mister Potato.

One of Posh Beckham favorite ever too..Original Rice Crisp flavour by Mister Potato. Still keep slim even she eat Rice Crisp all the time.

I fall in love so much with it which make me put my the picture of Rice Crisp by Mister potato as my PC wallpaper

Ermm look that Mr Transformer always fight for his right to get Rice Crisp by Mister Potato

How lovely if I put Rice Crisp by Mister Potato with my dream car...he he he.


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