Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DiGi Breakfree Party at ECOBA Damansara Perdana

Look happy on the way to the party.

The TAGs given. Unfortunately my name is not in the list. Even though I already reply the email. So I only got the TAGs same like other guest partner.

Still raining and keep raining, just outside the ECOBA place.

Already inside the place. Behind me is the main stage.

The front door and the registration counter

The crowds already there.

The TAG again and the free gift after registration.

Inside the envelope are two free tickets courtesy from GSC.
The lovely yummy chicken.

Other foods which is keep rounding and rounding all the time by the waiter. Hubby just fall in love with the beef. From clockwise there are shrimp, egg sandwich, fried dimsum, fried beef and I already forget the food in the middle.

The goodies bag that is only given at in the end of the party.

The thing inside is small notepad

and the bag pack by DiGi too.

This is the 1st time ever I'm participating in Nuffnang event after done a post title Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones and selected in the 100 most creative blog posts to win invites for 2 to the party.

Thank you to DiGi break free for the very happening and marvelous party. I'm going there together with my hubby with our blue and white stripes t-shirt. Which is make us so tired the day before just to find the shirt for both of us. 
Thank god hubby was there because I don't even know anybody there. Even though they are all blogger same as me too. 
But after the party end and after some of the participants that night done their post. Then I know who are them. Therefore I quickly be their follower and also start make friend with them.
How I can wait to see them again in another Nuffnang event...hope so.

There are only two tasks given for every group that night. The 1st task is searching the six locks outside the club for rescuing the MC Julie Woon for that night. The group which found more than one lock will win the task. My team which name as GAMBINO BAMBIES only can find one lock. Not our luck that night. The team that win received one SWISS KNIFE (if I'm not mistaken) each. Wooowww..

The second task is to make a performances according to the three (3) questions that send by TWITTER with BLACKBERRY smart phone given. Ermmm...not lucky to our team again. The team which win that task received each the thing that used by the army in the night time. I dunno what it is, because the thing is small. 
Congrat to both teams.

There are also two finalist group call VELOCITY and MOMENTUM which done their drama presentation. And then we all the blogger do the selection for the winner. I heard that that drama presentation will be in the NTV7 this becoming Tuesday. Actually I dunno on what circumstance that the finalist come from and from what contest they are selecting about.
But me and my hubby selected VELOCITY group for the winner.

The last waiting ever is the selection for the best dress and the best post ever. There are 12 finalists selected from all the blogger who wearing really look cruelty. And the winner for the best which won HTC Lagend is miss Debbeh which wear Cruella DeVille. I don't have a picture of her even though we sit in the same table and in the same group also. But what she wearing is something same like the picture below.
Congrat Debbeh.
And the winner for Blackberry Bold 9700 for the best pre-event blog post is miss A...sorry I dunno her name. Congrat to her too.
Last but not list there are two other smart phone to be won for Best post-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700 and Runner-up for post-event blog post – Blackberry Curve 8250.

Love the cute

And I hope I have my luck here...amin

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