Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jail for posting nude photos on the Net

Looked what our fastest technology ever have doing to us. I'm not blaming the Internet. Internet is heaven for those who know how to use it. Now on who are wrongusing the technology...they will be a Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 set up for that.
So for those you always or really enjoying doing it, that is clearly wrong ok...please stop it now.

In Kuala Lumpur a father of six had posted nude photos of himself on his blogs to seek buyers for his self-made pornographic VCDs which reported by NST online today.
Shahrom Mahadi, 45, a security guard was sentenced to six months' jail by the Sessions Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to alternative charges of improper use of the Internet by posting the photos in six websites.

The websites are,,,, and

He committed the offence on Feb 27 last year.
According to the facts, besides the photos of him alone, he had also posted photos of him with another man in compromising positions.
Shahrom, whose children are aged between 1 and 21, initially claimed trial when he was charged in the morning, but changed his plea in the afternoon.

Deputy public prosecutor Hamidi Mohd Nor said the court should pass a heavy sentence to give a clear message that such action was an offence under the law.
In mitigation, Shahrom, who was unrepresented, said he had deleted the blogs in May last year after he was arrested by the police.

Asked by judge Azizah Mahamud on when he had posted the photos on the blogs, he said in August 2006.
"My wife has a mental problem and is not working. I also have debts to be settled every month," he said adding that he worked as a security guard with a monthly salary of RM750.

He added that he was under depression and had attempted to commit suicide.
When Azizah asked him what he gained from posting the photos in the blog, he replied: "I didn't get anything."
However, he admitted that he had received several calls from those who had viewed his blogs.

"I've repented and will never do the same thing again."
Azizah said the court took into consideration public interest in passing the sentence.
"The photos were in the blogs for three years and this must have affected those who have viewed your blogs, especially teenagers."

She also said that the court had to pass a deterrant sentence as a lesson to him as well as to prevent the public from committing a similar offence.
Under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, the accused can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed up to one year or both.
"You are already 45 years old. You shouldn't have done this. You have a wife and children," said Azizah.


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