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8 Must-try Malaysian Dishes

Thursday Apr 15 16:12pm -Yahoo Malaysia -Travel
Malaysia, one of the major attractions of tourism in South East Asia, is home to fabulous street eats and equally tasty restaurants. With various influences from Malay and Chinese traditions, spicy Indian and Nonya dishes, Malaysia offers much to savour in all of its 13 different states and many more cities. The culinary scene is bustling with choices, fueled by this diversity of the country’s multicultural heritage. Here, we share with you the local favorites from three popular foodie stops in the region – Malacca, Penang and Ipoh Perak.
Ikan Bakar
Nasi Kandar
Penang Char Kway Teow
Penang Laksa
Nasi Lemak
Chicken Rice

Ayam Buah Keluak

Photo Credits - Pinoy Food

Nonya Cuisine is also a must try in Malacca, where you can find mouthwatering food combining Chinese ingredients with Malay herbs and spices. The Malaccan version of Nonya Cuisine favor the use of coconut milk, and is therefore richer in taste. Ayam Buah Keluak is a popular Nonya dish, which is chicken stewed with black nuts. Don’t be put off by the murky, ink-like gravy! The sauce is rich and creamy, and mixes very well with the kepayang nuts and chicken meat.

Ipoh Hor Fun

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When in Ipoh, be sure to try out their famed Ipoh Hor Fun. There are two variations of the dish itself. The soupy version comes served with a clear chicken and prawn browth, topped with shredded chicken meat and spring onions. The other version is a fried version, boldly flavored and enhanced with a splash of dark gravy.

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p/s actually there is a lot and plenty malaysian food much delicious than showing above and been review by the authors.


jfook said...

Rojak? Roti Canai?

haslina said...

that why lah jfook..actually there is a lot of malaysian wonderful dishes..but only that the author taste and review....


beside that malaysian also have lovely spicy rendang, lemang..and so on...plenty plenty a lot more...

ajjah said...

alamak i never tried that ayam buah keluak.. first time dengar :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ketupat? Lemang? YUMMY! XD

jfook said...

I have answered your question in the comment section of my blog. thanks for visiting

haslina said...

Ajjah ~ a'ah..sama lah..tak pernah dengar tu...

Dewi ~ itulah yg sedapnyer kan..lemang with spicy rendang ayam@daging...yummmmmy..

Jfook ~ ok..tq to you too...


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