Sunday, April 4, 2010

Andy Lau: "no regrets" having kept his 24-year romance a secret

It's been close to a year since the media leaked Andy Lau's clandestine nuptials in July 2009, and the interest in the Hong Kong superstar's married life has not yet waned.
After all, news of the singer-actor, once deemed the eternal bachelor, having secretly tied the knot with longtime partner, Malaysian ex-beauty queen Carol Choo in Las Vegas in 2008, sparked what was virtually a media witchhunt to expose other undercover celebrity marriages.
Even after the news broke, the man himself continued his austere no-comment stance towards questions on his private life, though in recent months, he has slowly and steadily eased up about discussing his newfound role as a husband.
A few days ago, while promoting his latest movie Future X-Cops in Taiwan, the Heavenly King finally broke his silence and for the first time openly talked about marital life with Carol.
He revealed that he "did not go down on one knee to propose" to his missus and that he protects her "by spending time together at home." The 49-year-old also shared that he would "prepare breakfast filled with love" for his wife during his free time.
On his new responsibilities as a husband, he simply said, "It does not matter if other people think you do not live up to the role of being a husband. I only have to answer to one person. As long as this person thinks that I am the best in this entire world, that is enough."
He confessed to having a bad temper but added that that he is "definitely the first to give in" in an argument with Carol.
"In this entire world, it is always the men giving in and apologizing."
He was candid about being unromantic. "I do not remember special dates. If someone's birthday is approaching, there would be people at home or outside (referring to the paps), reminding me that the day is approaching.
In hindsight, the actor-singer self-mockingly said, "The paparazzi treat me pretty well."
To shield Carol from unnecessary attention and the glare of cameras during a previous work trip to Heng Dian, China, where he was filming for five straight months, Andy shared that he "did not hit the streets [go out] during this entire duration.
"There are many things that I can't do, and many things that I have to be careful about. My life has already changed, I do not wish for my family to follow in my footsteps."
He said he has "no regrets" on his decision to keep his relationship with Carol under wraps for the past 24 years.
"No [I did not reveal it due to pressure]. No matter what path we take, just let things be. What I'm thinking about is different from what everyone's thinking about. I'm thinking which way is the best for her to return to Hong Kong.
"I really do not know [what are my attractive qualities], I have a good life, a really good one. Most of the people around me are always thinking for me, and treating me well. In my life, the people I love do not have anything to be complain about."


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