Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

My version..erm..actually i'm not the right person to talk about this thing but for me everybody have their own grooming idea as a long it make us look clean and people look at you feel calm. Early thing to be done in morning is shower myself with my favorite shower cream. Then scrub and cleaning my face with cleanser and scrub cream. But i only use scrub twice weekly.

For a women wearing 'tudung' like me, i try to wash my hair four to five time a week. I want to let my hair feel refreshing too. I like my hair to be not to long and not to short.
Of course i don't like to keep my nail long than cute fingers. So i always keep cutting it three to four day time.

After that i put cream at some place of my body because i really would like to get my previous shape of my body again..hehehe. I'm putting toner and face cream to prevent my face to become more drier because i working in the air-con area for more than 8 hours times.
Applying compact powder, eyeliner, lip balm and also lipstick. Also spraying my favorite perfume to help myself smell beautiful all the time.

I'm just wearing baju kurung if im going to work. And a simple t-shirt with jeans if for other purposes. Also with my small all black handbag. I love wear heel while in the office and a sandal if i go to other place. Sometime I'm wearing sport shoes if for comfortableness during long distance driving.

I really like using the New Adidas Action 3 Fresh spray. The 0% factor of course the main point for muslim user like me. I really love the new absorption system to made my underarm feel so comfortable. Also the special anti whitening material really minimize white marks usually appear when I'm wearing other brand.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Mia Liana said...

Good luck! Mia pun masuk gak...

Jom arr masuk yang baru punya "My Dream Destination"

haslina said...

tq..gud luck to you too Mia...oh ada new contest yea..

nanti tengok...hikhik


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