Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ninja Assassin the movie.

Movie ini aku menonton masa dalam pantang hari itu rasanya. Sudah lama. Mostly jalan cerita memang ganas, cantas sana sini menggunakan pedang. Tiada moral of the story pun. Cuma part lawan lawan dan lawan memang beautiful...lawa...kemas.

Sinopsis -
The story centers on Raizo (played by impossibly pretty Korean pop star Rain), a defector from a brutal Spartan-esque school of ninja badassery, where he trained to be an assassin from childhood. It would seem that, after mastering the skills to fight an adversary blindfolded, will his body to heal its own wounds, and take down multiple attackers with what looks like a knife on the end of a wallet chain, Raizo realized that the sensei who ran his school was just using him for his own evil ends -- namely, profit. Meanwhile, intrepid Interpol investigator Mika (Naomie Harris) starts sniffing around the clandestine ninja association's track record and unwittingly makes herself a target. So, naturally, because he shares her desire to bring the organization down (and maybe because she reminds him of the weirdly compassionate girl who once trained with him to be a hired killer), he rescues her from vivisection and the two team up.


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